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The New Jeep Wrangler – Preview!

Ahead of a possible reveal at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show in January, we’re excited to release our 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (JLU) and Pickup (JT) renderings which we believe provide an accurate preview of next generation (JL) Wrangler.

Our renderings represent a composite from months of insider source tips, leaks, research and spy photo revelations and analysis. They were modeled from our real life prototypes photos. The major highlights include:

  • Fixed roof structure with large removable roof panels and removable back windows (from insider sources and previewed in early concept proposal)
  • Multi-configuration roof as seen in early concept model: full-width panels removed, center piece removed, and all panels installed
  • Roof/top with angled rear pillar and angled windows (previewed in spy pics and early concept proposal)
  • More raked windshield
  • Longer hood (accommodates new 8 speed auto, will be made from aluminum, and may have already been leaked)
  • Hood bulge/vent – possibly to provide air for 4 cyl turbo and/or diesel (seen in spy photos and early concept proposal)
  • LED headlights (seen in spy photos and already introduced on current 2017 Wrangler)
  • Headlights slightly recessed into outer most grille slats (a la CJ Wrangler)
  • Front grille with “kink” leading to angled top portion (a la TJ Wrangler, seen in spy pics)
  • European style front bumper (longer and extends up to meet fender flares)
  • LED turn signal light strips, integrated into fender flares (seen in spy pics)
  • Foglights located more inwards of headlights
  • New Goodyear tires (switch from current BFGoodrich tires, seen in spy pics)
  • Retains exposed exterior door hinge mechanism and removable doors
  • Similar door cut-lines as current model
  • Tail lights featuring “X” design (seen in the leaked dealer meeting images)

Our JL Wrangler concept also reflects some speculated/rumored features, including:

  • Flip up/over rear window (based on patent drawings)
  • Vents behind front wheel flares (helps wheel well air flow while adding some design flair)

As we can see, the JL Wrangler design will be more evolutionary than revolutionary, which is no surprise given the continued strong sales of the current JK Wrangler model. The biggest changes will come in the form of the new fixed roof / removable panel structure and “under the skin” where the Wrangler will receive all new engine options (Pentastar V6, Hurricane Turbo 4, and a 3.0L Diesel) and a new 8 speed transmission.

Wrangler Pickup (JT) With Multiple Piece Removable Roof

Name: 2018-Wrangler-pickup-JLwranglerforums-1.jpg Views: 742 Size: 407.4 KB

Name: 2018-Wrangler-pickup-JLwranglerforums-2.jpg Views: 741 Size: 422.9 KB

Name: 2018-Wrangler-pickup-JLwranglerforums-3.jpg Views: 736 Size: 401.4 KB

Wrangler Unlimited (JLU)

Name: 2018-Wrangler-Unlimited-Front-JLwranglerforums-1.jpg Views: 722 Size: 318.4 KB

Name: 2018-Wrangler-Unlimited-Front-JLwranglerforums-2.jpg Views: 714 Size: 296.7 KB

Name: 2018-Wrangler-Unlimited-Front-JLwranglerforums-3.jpg Views: 714 Size: 317.5 KB

Name: 2018-Wrangler-Unlimited-Front-JLwranglerforums-4.jpg Views: 707 Size: 288.4 KB

Name: 2018-Wrangler-Unlimited-Front-JLwranglerforums-5.jpg Views: 708 Size: 286.8 KB

Multi-Configuration Roof in Action

Name: JL-Wrangler-White-Roof-JLwranglerforums.gif Views: 770 Size: 2.34 MB

Name: JL-Wrangler-Black-Roof-JLwranglerforums.gif Views: 738 Size: 2.28 MB

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