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What happens when we get “Cabin Fever” at Northridge4x4? We call our friends at Currie Enterprises, MCE Fenders, and Savvy Offroad and head out in search of fresh snow!


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Photo Jan 22, 9 49 11 AMThe Silver JK from Bellevue we built in September 2014 is back for round two!

This time around, the owner wanted to go BIGGER so we added Dynatrac ProRock 60 front and ProRock 80 rear axles, beefed up his suspension with an EVO Double Throwdown kit and rounded it off with a Magnaflow pro series exhaust. Check out the pics and links below to see all the awesome that went into this beast.

Parts List

Adams Driveshaft – JK 2012-15 Front 1350 Rock Crawler CV Driveshaft
AEV – 2077-16 JK ProCal Module
Currie – JK AntiRock Front Sway Bar Kit with Steel Frame Brackets
Currie – JK AntiRock Rear Sway Bar Kit 4-Door
Dynatrac – Pro Rock 60 Front Axle with ARB Locker
Dynatrac – Pro Rock 80 Rear Axle with ARB Locker
EVO – Dana 60 High Steer Kit
EVO – JK Rear Double Throw Down EVOLever System
EVO – JK Front Dana 60 Double Throwdown Coilover/Bypass System
EVO – Long Arm Upgrade Kit
EVO – Rear Rock Stops, Brackets and Bumps
Magnaflow – JK 2012-16, 4 Door, Performance “Off Road Pro Series” Exhaust
Nitto – Trail Grappler 40×13.50R17
Poison Spyder – JK 2012-16 Extreme Duty Trans-Mount Crossmember
Poison Spyder – JK Evap Skid Plate
PSC Motorsports – Cylinder Assist Kit
Synergy Manufacturing – JK Front Track Bar
Synergy Manufacturing – JK Rear Track Bar




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How do you tell the real story of King of the Hammers?  We had a meeting of the minds and decide that embedding with a race team was the only true way to express what it really takes to bring the story to life.  We contacted one of our Brand Ambassadors Mike Heston and asked if I could jump on board their ride to Hammers and of course Mike and the whole RFA racing team jumped at the opportunity.


I flew to Chicago to meet up with the crew at RFA Racing headquarters where last minute changes were being done on the Poison Spyder car Venom 1.  Mike had hired Chris “Greezy” Graves to be his Crew Chief and Co-Dawg, as he had a large hand in building the car at Poison Spyder, and he was hard at work on making sure the car was prepped and ready to be tested and broke in on the Lakebed within a few days.  The team had decided that the car needed a few changes from last year and opted for another 100 horse to the LS3 motor and with that also came a change in transfer case ratio.  I spent some time interviewing Mike about how close he and Greezy had come to finishing last years KOH and how not finishing was going to drive the team as well as himself to come to the podium this year.  He stated that to get so close and not be able to bring the car in under regulated time crushed him, he has an immense sense of duty to get the car in with a good finish to reward everyone that is a part of the team and not being able to achieve that last year was fueling his fire.


It took a solid day to load all the trailers with the necessary parts and tools and tires for the two weeks we would be spending in Johnson Valley.  We were also taking down two other Jeeps to help with Pre Running and for chasing parts and pits during the race.  Once the vehicles and equipment had been loaded and taken care of we were off to the grocery store to get the necessary items to ensure a happy and well fed crew.  Once the groceries were put away and last minute items had been handled everyone was off to get some sleep before we started the road trip to Hammer Town USA, we were going to try and make the trip in two days and everyone would need to be rested.


Everyone met back at the Warehouse at 6:00 and we fired up the Haulers and were were off with dreams and aspirations of a solid finish at the hardest single day race in the World.  Johnson Valley Here we come….IMG_2046


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