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As dawn broke everyone was out working and checking on their Jeeps, Windrock had really tested all of the Jeeps but all in all there was no major damage and everyone as ready on time as Mel had requested. We were told to expect a long road day with some incredible experiences but to makes sure the rigs were road worthy. About an hour into the day we were at the North Carolina state line and at the start of the Tail of the Dragon highway. For any automobile enthusiast the Dragon is a must do bucket list item. With 318 curves in 11 miles even in the heavily modified JK’s this was an amazing experience and a site to behold.

From the Dragon we were off to Asheville, North Carolina to take a private tour through the Biltmore Mansion built by George Washington Vanderbilt int he late 18o’s, this 8000 acre Estate is still one of the most expensive properties ever built and we were all in awe the entire tour. Just the sheer size of the property and the architecture and the undertaking was amazing. As we finished the tour Mel and Teresa told us we needed the JK’s cleaned and ready for the next day as we had a private photo shoot in front of the mansion before tourist entered in the morning, just another testament to the cool things one gets to experience on the Nitto JK Experience.

The next morning offered perfect skies for the shoot and then we were off to The Flats OHV park to taste a little of the wheeling that North Carolina has to offer. We took it easy in the morning and toured the park and then we broke up after lunch so that everyone could wheel to their skill set or to do trails they wanted to try. Before everyone took off for the afternoon Mel and our own Eric Johnson had spied some barbie jeeps and decided a down hill race was going to have to happen. Mel being the pro he is decided to let Eric do some Pre-running and Eric took advantage of it but during the test run he took out his steering so he was racing Mel Wade with no steering. Now those of you that know Eric know that he may be little but he isn’t scared of much so he manned up and took his chances. They lined up at the top of the hill and were off and to Eric’s credit he gave it his best but Mel had better equipment and he took the race with ease. Eric to this day wants a rematch and some PSC steering for his Jeep.

The Next day we were off through North Carolina to South Carolina for some awesome wheeling at the Gulches OHV park just outside Waterloo, SC. Chris Durham lead the charge on this run and he brought out his new TJ Pickup to get it on. We made a nice lap through the moderate obstacles and then were treated to an awesome Southern BBQ lunch put on by the local club and the Park and then it was back out to see what the harder runs in the park had to offer. Once we had all had some great wheeling we were off toward Savannah, Georgia for our Survivors Dinner and Ghost tour of the great town of Savannah after dark.

The next day had us off to Wormsloe Estate (home to quite a few scenes in Forrest Gump) for a photo op and then the group was to reconvene at Daytona International Speedway in fabled Daytona Beach, Florida to enter all the Jeeps in 2015 Jeep Beach Show and to become part of history with the longest Jeep parade and on the Speedway no less!!

Once again at the end of a great experience with so many good memories and great new friends how do you say goodbye…well you don’t you say see you later on the next trail. Im off to Hammertown USA to meet up with a bunch of that friends that I’ve met through the JK Experience, it truly is about the people.

The Biltmore Estate

The Flats OHV Park

Gulches OHV Park

Wormsloe State Park

Jeep Beach

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With the “Dog Days” of winter upon us we wanted to share our experience on the Jk Experience East Coast Edition with you.  We started this epic adventure in Fayetteville, TN and the first day brought us to Hale mountain OHV park for a taste of what this trip was going to be about.  The east coast had seen a lot of rain and well the terrain showed it, we were in mud all day long and I have to say but was a heck of a lot of fun to watch those JK’s rip through the mountains of Alabama.

Once everyone was aired back up we headed down he road with Mel Wade in the lead and really no clue where we could be headed this late in the day but to our surprise we ended our day in Lynchburg, TN with a visit to the famed Jack Daniels distillery and a full BBQ dinner for the entire crew.

Day two had us on the road to who knows where with a lunch stop off at RTM Productions home of Xtreme Offroad and lunch with Ian Johnson who just so happen to let us try our hands at riding the drifts trikes around the parking lot.  Once we were done with lunch we were back on the road and into some more nasty weather at our destination of Oliver Springs, TN and Windrock OHV Park.

On day three our drivers meeting included Rock Crawling Champs Chris Durham who had been pre running the days trails and warned us of a long day and a lot of mud but to be ready for some fun and man Windrock didn’t disappoint….


Windrock OHV Park

Hale Mountain OHV park

RTM Productions

Jack Daniels Distillery

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With the Holiday rush over with we at Northridge 4×4 had a chance to look back on where went this year in promoting the Jeep lifestyle.  We put together a year end compilation of all the events we attended for your viewing pleasure, we hope you enjoy!

King of the Hammers – Johnson Valley, California

Our year started at the fabled King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley.  We spent the week exploring the area and pre-running with RFA Racing and Mike Heston.  We attended the kick ass Back door Challenge and watched the mayhem unfold as the East Coast rock bouncers took on the West Coast Ultra4 cars for the title.  The week concluded with the big race and it it lived up to its name to say the least.

Easter Jeep Safari – Moab, Utah

Every year we make the caravan with all our Jeeps to Wheel the desert red rock of Southern Utah.  We had runs of Pritchett Canyon, Kane Creek, Hells Revenge, and Golden Spike trails for a relaxing yet very exciting week.  We also had our trailer at the Vendor Fair to provide information and to take orders.

JK Experience – East Coast Edition

The NR 4×4 team traveled across the United States Fayetteville, TN for the start of the 2015 JK Experience.  Mel took us through six states in seven days all the while seeing some of the best wheeling the east has to offer (Windsock OHV park, The Flats OHV Park, Gulches OHV Park) while not forgetting the prime site seeing locations ( Jack Daniels Distillery, Biltmore Estate, Tail of the Dragon Highway, and Daytona International Speedway).  We ended the JKX in Daytona Beach JEEP BEACH WEEK and the Vendor Fair.

JK Experience – Middle America Edition

Once again the NR 4×4 team loaded up and headed to Marble Falls, Tx for the Memorial Day weekend wheeling run.  While in Texas we hit Katemcy Rocks OHV park, and Hidden Falls OHV park and ended the trip in Lukenbach, TX looking for Waylon, Willy, and the boys and some of the best BBQ Texas has to offer.

Rubicon Trail – Cutts Crew

Northridge wanted to show that the ultimate wheeling trip includes the family and what better way to show that then heading to the storied Rubicon Trail with the Cutts Crew and their families during their annual JKcon trail run.

JK Experience – West Coast Edition

We ended our year in South Dakota for the start of the JK Experiences West Coast Edition.  We traveled four states in seven days covering some of the most amazing country while using dirt roads as much as we possible could.  We hit sites in Estes Park, CO ( The Stanley Hotel), Sturgis and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, The Gateway Auto museum in Gateway, CO and ended up with NITTO sponsored driver Loren Healy spotting for us on Pritchett Canyon trail in Moab.

Needless to say this was a huge year for us and we hope you enjoyed watching our videos from each event.  We have a huge year planned out and we promise to keep growing out business to fit your needs and wants.  We are a humble company and know that you the customers have got us to this point and we don’t forget that.  We will continue to push the envelope at events this year and provide you with kick ass entertainment.  Thanks for 2015 and watch out 2016 is off the hook….

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