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After the fun we had at Rangley Park, Day 5 had a lot to live up to. Although the day would be short, it didn’t disappoint.

We started off on beautiful drive through the hills.



After a little bit of road miles, we quickly realized we were at the trail head of one of Colorado’s gnarliest trails, 21 Road.


We had a quick lunch break during which Mel and crew had the guests and sponsors team up to see who could change a tire the fastest.


After the games and lunch, we were off!


Moving slowly, Mel’s crew successfully help navigate everyone through the twisted, bumpy trail.


Some rocks we were able to barely make over.


While other parts we were barely able to make under.


Then we came up on this part of the trail.


This was a large cut-out of the hill side that provided a cool damp area with tricky mud holes and rocks. Lots of messy fun!


Extra lights were definitely needed here. Thanks Rigid!


Go towards the light!


Since this was such a fun spot, we all lined up for another group selfie.


After 21 Road, we headed back to the hotel for repairs and rest. Today was another exhausting day. We were told Day 6 involved some road miles but it would be worth it. So far, every road mile was worth it and we couldn’t wait to see what was next!

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Day 4 we took a short drive away from our hotel to Rangely Park. At the staging area, Mel had the group play a little winch game just to get everyone loosened up for the day.


On their way to victory!

After messing around a bit, we were broken up into groups of 3, given a map and told to have fun. WOO!!!!


Our group consisted of Andrew Gorman and Harris Wells from Adart, Pete Williamsen and Ali Mansour from JKS. Oh yeah, Oliver Crane and Malo Castro from Northridge derr…


We headed straight for a trail named Godzilla. Greeted with a nice drop-in obstacle, we were very happy with the trail we picked!


Check out all that flex!


Andrew Gorman in his 2012 JK8 ripped up the trails… with a little spotting from his co-driver Harris Wells of course. 🙂


Never content with normal lines, Oliver found something a little more challenging.


Poor trasharoo.


Peter and his 2 door were feeling a little saucy and tried the “big boy” line.


After putzing around, we met up with the rest of the group so we could all tackle MEGASAURUS together. JKX Veteran Randy Byers took the lead and showed everyone how it’s done.


Invited guest CJ Maurer followed Randy. There were a bunch of winch anchors on this massive obstacle. We all used every one of them.


Speaking of winch anchor points, have you ever seen a human one? Neither have we. Leave up to Mel and his group!


Making light work of this trail, RESQ1 takes a quick break for a beautiful photo op.


Sometimes things didn’t go as planned. It’s a good thing Mel and team were there to literally catch this JK from rolling over.

Day 4 was the best wheeling day of the trip so far. Tired and a little bit beaten, the group headed back to the hotel to assess any damages and to get some rest. Since everyday has been better than the previous, we knew we would need to be fully charged for the morning.

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Our buddies at Superchips sent us their new TrailDash 2 and asked if we could whip up a quick install and review video.

If you’re in the market, you might want to check this out. It’s pretty badass!

Click here to learn more about the Superchips TrailDash 2.

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eric-ianCHECK IT OUT!!!

Our very own Eric Johnson was featured on an episode of Powernation’s Xtreme Off-Road – Post-Trail Tech. Ok. Maybe not featured but he got quite a bit of air time. 😉

The episode featured the JKX East Coast event and touched on some of the highlights. Click on the link below to see “Hollywood” in his national television debut.

POWERNATION Xtreme Off-Road – Post-Trail Tech



Is that Rhodey photo bombing Ian?


The camera loves Eric!

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For the first part of day 3 we found ourselves on yet another road day. This time however, we traveled through the scenic Trail Ridge Road in the Rocky Mountain National Park. The views from up there were breathtaking!


We even saw a few of the locals there!


We can see why it’s referred to as the highway to the sky.




After a quick break, we headed on down to a very challenging trail called Sidewinder. Even Mel had a little trouble with this one.



Winches were the saviors of the day. Warn definitely was the hero today.



Parts of the trail were very tough. Mel’s crew did a phenomenal job at spotting everyone.




Some obstacles were tough to get through though. With a group this size, there was a bit of spectating too.


The end of the trail was amazing. Everyone was rewarded with this view as we all scooted off to the next stop on our list.


Mel and his crew took us on another long drive to our final destination for the day, Ripple Creek Lodge. Winding dirt roads made for a challenging caravan. Amber lights were a definite must!


Our stay there was short but well needed. We were treated to a killer dinner of brisket, baked beans, fries and dessert. With just enough time to check our rigs and eat dinner, we were in and out of Ripple Creek Lodge before the sun set.lodge


The last leg of our trip had us in the small city of Rangely where we stayed the night. A good night’s sleep is what we all needed. The following day would be a long exciting one!

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