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Day two required a long drive so we packed up our gear and said adios to Deadwood. It was pretty cool lining up and driving through town. It looked like the most badass parade ever!


Long road day. Most of the day looked like this.


Not all of the scenery looked bad though.


After several gas stops and naps, we found ourselves in a much more exciting area.


Wondering where we were going, all of our questions were answered when we arrived at our home for the night. It’s the famous Stanley Hotel. Didn’t they film a famous movie here?


Of course! This is where they filmed parts of Jim Carrey’s Dumb and Dumber! Wait, wasn’t another movie filmed here? Redrum, redrum…. redrum.


We dropped off our luggage, got cleaned up a bit and made way for Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ and Taphouse for dinner.


Dinner was AMAZING! Ribs, chicken, brisket, pulled pork, corn bread and more were just what the doctor ordered after a long road day. However, dinner wasn’t the last activity on our agenda. Mel setup a special ghost tour of the hotel just for us.


Now we’re not saying we do or do not believe in ghosts but here’s a series of pictures that shows “something” was captured. Again, it’s up to you to decide on what we saw. Btw, thanks Mel for the entertainment. As you can imagine, it was challenging to get to sleep that night.



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Now that the dust has settled a bit and we’re back in the office, let’s take a moment to relive our experience while participating in the JK Experience West Coast.

Day one started off in the historic city of Deadwood, SD. The destination, Iceman trail. Filled with large boulders, Iceman provided the group with a great sampling of what was in store for them.


The drive getting to Iceman was beautiful! Higher and higher we climbed until…




Parts of the trail got really tight too.



Very cool trail with beautiful scenery.


After lunch, we headed out to our next destination. After a long drive, we found ourselves surrounded by more rocks.


We even drove through some rocks!


Hey, it’s Mt. Rushmore!


Day one was filled with great surprises. Stay tuned to see how the rest of the trip went!



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Day 1 of the Nitto JKX West Coast
Day 1of the Nitto JK Experience started in Deadwood, South Dakota. Where do we go next? #NittoJKX #Discounttire #JKX2015 #NR4x4 #Northridgenation

Day 1 of the Nitto JKX West CoastDay 1of the Nitto JK Experience started in Deadwood, South Dakota. Where do we go next? #NittoJKX #Discounttire #JKX2015 #NR4x4 #Northridgenation

Posted by Northridge4x4 on Monday, September 7, 2015

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