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malos2Well it’s about time! A little back story for our beloved Malo. Malo started working for Northridge in March of 2013. Just two days before the crew was to head off to Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT. Being that he didn’t have any off road experience whatsoever, this was a HUGE eye opener for him. Never could he have imagined what was in store for him. “I can’t believe what these Jeeps are capable of!” was his mantra. Because of this initial exposure, he now has (finally) purchased his first Jeep. Here it is in stock form. I’m sure most of you know, this will be the last time it looks like this. 🙂

Stay tuned as we’ll be updating this post with all the great upgrades and modifications.

Here it is, bone stock.
32!? Are you kidding me?
Fresh from the dealership.
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0X4A3546A customer brought in his 2005 Ford F-350 for a little work. Most of this beast was already done, we just helped put the final touches on it.





Armed with 4 ARB Intensity lights, this Ford F-350 is ready to fight darkness.
Did I mention that this thing has 4 intensity lights?
An ARB diff cover keep the pumpkin protected.
A pair of Rigid SR-Q2 driving lights make sure visibility is 100% when backing up.
Tucked behind the front bumper hides a Kleinn triple train horn kit. HOOOOOOOONK!
A rear Mag HyTec differential cover with custom powder coating to match the front ARB cover.
A universal sPOD with switches installed in overhead console controls the lighting.
Switches for the air lockers and compressor.
The sPOD looks right at home but where's the air compressor?
So that's where the air compressor is!

Parts List
ARB – Intensity Lights x4
ARB – Twin Compressor
ARB – Front Differential Cover
ARB – Air Lockers
Kleinn – Triple Train horn kit
Rigid – SR-Q2 driving back up lights
sPOD – Universal sPOD with switches
VIAIR – 1 gallon tank
Yukon – 4.88 gears

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NR Spyder013This Jeep is a joint venture between Poison Spyder, Northridge4X4, and several of our friends in the industry. The original plan was to race it in the 2013 KOH EMC Modified class, but several scheduling conflicts put it out of the timeline for that. It may get in a few Ultra4 races but, aside from competitions, its primary function is of course for public relations and to give both Poison Spyder and Northridge another bad-*** Jeep for showing off our products. So it will make the show circuit and hopefully some events near you in the not-to-distant future.

The image above is just a rendering, you may recognize it from our entry in the Four Wheeler mag TTC ballot issue (April 2013). But the rendering is very close to what it looks like completed. It’s a 2-Door JK, stretched, with all Poison Spyder armor, custom Poison Spyder suspension, Poison Spyder competition-spec cage, and more.

On to the build!

Starting off with this mostly stock '07 2-door, we sent it down to Poison Spyder for the overhaul. It had a couple of aftermarket trinkets on it such as bumpers, sliders, a lift kit, etc., which of course were promptly removed.
With the top off, next came the stock roll bar.
Next the guys got started on the cage. This one has to be competition legal, so its all-tube, chromoly, through the dash, all TIG'd.
Hey, what's that stuffed in there?
A turnkey GM LC9 crate engine and 6L80E transmission!
Dynatrac's going in.
More pics of work on the suspension.
Fuel cell mounted.
More cage work and bulkhead.
Cage-to-frame tie-in.
Spare tire mount.
Front track bar mount.
Rear axle upper 4-link tabs.
Pieces of the new front dual shock/coilover mounts, fresh from the laser.
Front 3D CAD drawing to reality.
Some changes were made to the front dual coilover/shock mounts so here is version 2.0. Compared to the ones showed in earlier photos, they're a little taller, stronger, easier to assemble and have cooler looking triangular lightning holes. 🙂
Uh-oh...**** just got real.
DON'T YOU DARE! Don't you even think about it! 🙂
Frame back-half.
And now to fab up the covers for the shock towers.
Wondering about the harness bar height? Here it is with the straps and seats in. Looks about right.
Buttoning it up.
Flex test!
Check it out! It looks almost identical to the original rendering.
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Here’s our latest video where Malo shows you how easy it is to install a Putco Premium Interior Dome Light Kit. Don’t worry, outtakes are included. 🙂

Click here to learn more and order yours today!

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